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VacuLung™ – Ayurvedic Lungs Detox Syrup / Tar Detox

VacuLung™ – Ayurvedic Lungs Detox Syrup / Tar Detox

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SarabHerbs™ VacuLung™ is an ayurvedic lung detox formulation. Rich in goodness Ayurveda detoxifying herbs. VacuLungs detox syrup made with clinically tested natural herbs. That helps to remove accumulated Tar, harmful toxins, and pollutants from the lungs. VacuLungs lead to clear and healthy lungs. It promotes healthy respiratory function, rejuvenates, and breathes new life into the Lungs, thereby relieving symptoms like Cough, Wheezing, Breathlessness, and Fatigue. It's very helpful for those people who smoke or live in polluted cities. It works as lungs cleanses but protects them from further lung infection and bacteria. It restores & revitalizes the Lungs. Breathe easy with VacuLung!

Benefits of VacuLungs - Lungs Detox Syrup

  • Natural Herbs Ayurvedic Syrup
  • Excellent results without any side effects
  • Detox Lungs Naturally
  • Helpful for smokers to Detoxifying lungs
  • Promotes Healthy Lungs
  • Helpful in Cough relief
  • Helpful for people living in populated air cities.
  • Increase lung strength

Key Ingredients 

  • Mulethi 
  • Tulsi 
  • Triphala 
  • Lasun 
  • Manjistha 

Dosage/How to Use

  • Children - ½-1 Teaspoon twice or thrice daily
  • Adults - 1 ½ – 2 Teaspoon twice or thrice daily
  • For best results use for 2-3 months regularly.

Product Details

  • One bottle contains 150ml

Each 10 ml contains:

  • Mulethi 300mg
  • Tulsi 250mg
  • Triphla 500 mg
  • Haldi 200mg
  • Lasun 100mg
  • Manjistha 300mg
  • Shikakai 100mg
  • Trikatu 250mg
  • Sorbitol base q.s.
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